“In Somewhere, the jolts arrive in the form of dance sequences, some out-and-out showbiz numbers that would feel at home in any musical, some more expressive passages that reveal the heart and soul of a character. The dance enhances the storytelling and at the same time entertains — a rarity in musicals that’s even rarer in plays.” —The New York Times

“Charmingly theatrical. Somewhere has an ebullient flair.” —Los Angeles Times

“Lopez…writes with soul and compassion. He sides with those who imagine what might be. His play should be eagerly enjoyed for its tender, expressive essence. Somewhere is a wistful drama about those who dream on while reality forcibly threatens them. So, too, this could be seen as Alejandro's emotive story—one of maturation and strength. Finally, the play is warm and telling as it draws focus upon a tight and loving family desperate to survive.”
Talkin’ Broadway

“A robust, entertaining new play. Matthew Lopez’s imaginative and beautifully acted world premiere work bursts with ideas and feeling.” —The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Dreams engage in a tricky dance in Somewhere. Some appear to pirouette forever just out of reach. Some embitter the dreamer. Some come true and others are fantasies painfully maintained. But they all seem to sustain the showbiz-crazed Candelaria family in Lopez's promising drama.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Crowd-pleasing and affectionate . . . comic collision of dreamers and realists. Lopez has a hit on his hands!” —Broadway World

“Sweet and charming family story . . . sublime musical and dance moments. Somewhere brims with loving, fun and extravagant characters.” —Hartford Courant



It’s 1959, West Side Story is storming Broadway, and a movie version is on the way. It fuels the show-business dreams of Inez Candelaria, who works as a theatre usher but hopes that her children will succeed on the other side of the footlights as dancers. Meanwhile, the family nervously counts the days until the city will force them to relocate to an even poorer and more dangerous neighborhood. Comic and spirited, Somewhere is a dance-filled portrait of a passionate Puerto Rican family fighting to make their dreams come true.


Production Videos - Hartford Stage Production

Opening Speech


Dancing with Mom


Jamie and Rebecca's Number


Packing the Apartment


Alejandro and Jamie's Soft Shoe




Production History:

July 2008 – Summer Play Festival at the Public Theater (as “Tio Pepe”)
September 2011 – Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, CA
January 2013 – TheatreWorks in Palo Alto, CA
April 2014 – Hartford Stage Company, Hartford, CT